Major Utility Failure

Electrical/Light Failure

    • Remain calm and move cautiously to a lighted area
    • If the fire alarm sounds or upon notification by emergency personnel, evacuate and move to a designated assembly point
    • In laboratories, secure all experiments, fully close fume hoods and shut off any gases
    • Re-enter only when directed by recognized authority


Elevator Failure

    • If you are trapped in an elevator, use the emergency phone in the elevator to notify Campus Security.  If the elevator emergency phone does not work, turn on the emergency alarm (located on the front panel) which will signal your need for help. You should not attempt to pry open elevator doors.  If you find someone trapped in an elevator, call 911 and report it to Campus Security at 740-283-6911.


Plumbing Failure/Flooding

    • Cease using all electrical equipment.  If necessary, vacate the area.  Notify Campus Security at 740-283-6911.


Serious Gas Leak

    • Cease all operations.  DO NOT SWITCH ON LIGHTS or ANY ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT (including cellular phones).  Electrical arcing can trigger an explosion!  Vacate the area and notify Campus Security at 740-283-6911.


Ventilation Problem

  • If smoke or odors come from the ventilation system, and it becomes necessary, cease all operations and vacate the area.  Notify Campus Security at 740-283-6911 or dial 911.