Post Emergency Recovery and Restoration

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

    1. In the event of an incident occurring on campus involving loss of life or critical injuries, those staff members or students most closely involved in response to the incident or those closely related to the persons involved will need to be assisted with reactions to the event.
    2. A CISD team will be formed consisting of counselors from Campus Counseling Services, faculty members with counseling/psychology/social work credentials, or mental health professionals from the local community.
    3. Group or individual meetings will be offered to those affected by the event in order to allow for discussion of reactions to the event and to give some guidelines for typical coping patterns following such an event.
    4. Such CISD services do not attempt to replace professional counseling treatment, but provide individuals necessary support and information to assist in recovery and return to normal emotional functioning.


Debriefing the Emergency Preparedness Response

    1. The Emergency Director will call a meeting of all members of the Emergency Response Team following the event in order to review how the response was conducted and to decide what can be learned from the emergency in order to update and improve the Emergency Response Plan.
    2. This meeting will occur as soon as is practical after the event, but no later than 30 days after the event has subsided in order to keep all the details fresh in everyone’s memory.


Injury/Death Notification Procedure

In the event of a serious injury or death to a person(s) on the campus, the following procedures shall be followed:

    1. The Director of Campus Security or the Director of Campus Safety and Compliance shall immediately prepare a short written summary of the situation that precipitated the injury of the person(s) or death and present it to the Emergency Coordinator, the chain of Supervision for the individual, and the Executive Director of MarCom.
    2. After a short review and edit session amongst all parties, the appropriate Cabinet member or their designee shall contact the next of kin by telephone and explain the situation, offering prayers, support, and assistance.
    3. Inform the family that the details are limited and a fuller investigation of the situation will be undertaken.
    4. Whenever possible, a representative of the University should attempt to meet the family at the healthcare facility, bringing along any personal belongings and offering assistance as needed.
    5. Leave contact information with the family so members can follow up as needed or desired.
    6. All discussion with any media outlet shall be done through MarCom.
    7. In the event of mass casualties, the President along with various Cabinet members will participate in the calling of families.